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When is a California Property Owner Liable For My Injuries

Everyone has heard wild stories wherein a black-clad burglar, intent on perpetrating nefarious deeds, somehow manages to get hurt while creeping about someone’s home and then bringing a lawsuit against the poor, bewildered homeowner for not failing to maintain an adequate standard of safety in his own home. There is no doubt that a mockery of the judicial system much like this one has taken place someplace in our country; this incident is obviously not the intended goal of premises liability laws but it does offer a nice segue into the topic of when your injuries are justifiably the responsibility of the owner of the property.

Homeowners, landlords, businesses, and city governments all bear a legal obligation to make sure that their premises are sufficiently safe for their expected use. If you have been hurt on another person’s property and you can establish that the wound or damage that you sustained was the clear outcome of the owner of the property neglecting to keep those conditions safe within reason, then you could easily make a solid claim of premises liability.

Slip and Fall/Trip and Fall

The number one cause of this sort of injury is unmarked wet floors in offices and businesses like supermarkets, office buildings, and restaurants. If you wish to pursue a claim of negligence after a slip and fall, then you will have to prove that the owner or an employee was aware of the wet floor but made no effort to mop it up. You could also prove that no one who worked there had any idea that there was a dangerous wet spot, even though it was in an area where at least one worker should have noticed.

If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident that was due to an improperly maintained home, or place of business, then the next thing that you need to do is to get in touch with a well-respected California personal injury attorney as soon as possible.


In the majority of circumstances, burns are caused by either scalding water or fire. Most places in California have laws that compel the property owners to put temperature regulator mechanisms in their sinks and showers. These regulators make sure that the temperature of the water will not exceed 120 degrees. Taking logical safety measures to prevent burns would also include providing feasible safety items like smoke alarms, fire resistant bed sheets (primarily for hotels) and readily available, fully-charged fire extinguishers.

If you have been hurt in another person’s home or place of business because one of the aforementioned safety devices was missing, damaged, or defective, then you along with your California personal injury attorney, might be eligible to file a claim for negligence against the hotel, store, homeowner, or another property owner.

People who own property but fail to adhere to the regular upkeep that is needed to maintain the property in a reasonable manner and ensure the safety of their customers or guests can be made accountable. You might be able to file a personal injury lawsuit, provided that the owner’s failure to meet their duty of care can be established. Premises liability cases are usually complicated and it can be very difficult to grasp every single nuance of California’s laws. If you hope to win your claim and collect financial compensation for your injuries, then you should retain the legal services of a qualified personal injury attorney who has a track record of successfully handling premises liability cases.

The California personal injury attorneys here at the Los Angeles Injury Group have the experience and persistence needed to build an injury claim from scratch, one that will help you receive restitution for all of the damages that you have suffered. If you would like to meet for a free, no-obligation consultation concerning your premises liability claim, then please give us a call at 310-954-7248 today.


Note for the readers: This post has been derived from the use of secondary sources and the information provided has not been independently confirmed. The photos depicted in these posts are not representative of the actual accident.  Any inaccuracies will be swiftly corrected once they have been brought to the site’s attention and all requests to remove posts will be honored.

Disclaimer: This post is intended to provide general information to our readers and to honor the victims of everyday tragedies. We do not wish to cause any disrespect and none of the information contained in this post should be construed to constitute legal or medical advice. Laws vary by jurisdiction and cases often turn on minor differences In fact. Do not rely exclusively on any of the information contained in this post and seek further assistance from a legal or medical professional, where necessary.

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