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    Neck Injuries Can Be Catastrophic

    The neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, and it’s susceptible to injury during car accidents, falls, and sports. The violent force of a car crash, blunt force trauma or the impact of a fall can all cause serious neck injuries like bulging or herniated discs, soft tissue neck injury attorney of los angeles the law office of tawni takagidamage, and muscle strains. In severe cases, neck injuries can even lead to paralysis, reduced motor control, diminished feeling, and even death.

    If you or someone you love has suffered a neck injury due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and pain. Because neck injuries are very complicated, and the full extent of the damage may not be known until days or weeks after the accident, it’s important to seek legal counsel from an experienced neck injury attorney in California to protect your rights. You do have rights and are entitled to representation, and you should find some. You are going to need a Los Angeles personal injury attorney that knows the law. You might not suffer any pain for days after your accident. Call us today the Los Angeles Injury Group and let us help you, call today at (310) 954-7248.

    Neck Injuries in Los Angeles

    Neck injuries can result from many types of accidents and activities. The most common causes of neck injuries in California include:

    • Motor vehicle accidents, which account for 37% of neck injuries
    • Violent crime (27%)
    • Slip and fall accidents (24%)
    • Sports (7%)

    Neck injuries often involve trauma to the cervical spine, which starts at the base of the skull and includes seven vertebrae and eight pairs of cervical nerves that control the upper body. The joint between each pair of vertebrae is a spongy mass called a disc. The purpose of these discs is absorbing downward force on the vertebrae to protect the spine.

    Spinal discs have a soft center (nucleus) and an outer envelope (annulus). Trauma or natural degeneration can cause the nucleus of the disc to bulge through the outer envelope (bulging disc) or completely penetrate the outer layer (herniated disc). Both injuries can cause severe pain, but disc herniation is more serious as it can lead to paralysis.

    Typical neck injuries include:

    • Bulging disc
    • Herniated disc
    • Vertebral fracture
    • Vertebral dislocation
    • Severed spinal cord
    • Compression of the spinal cord caused by a hematoma

    law office of Tawni TakagiEven neck injuries that seem mild may be severe as symptoms can take days or weeks to appear. In fact, many cases of spinal trauma are missed by physicians. It’s estimated that one-third of spinal injury cases are misdiagnosed, or a diagnosis is delayed. This may lead to a worsening of the condition or improper care.

    Whiplash Injuries

    Whiplash is a common neck injury in which the soft tissues of the neck are stretched or extended beyond their normal range of motion. Whiplash, technically called a hyperextension injury or a neck strain, is a mild condition, but it can cause long-term pain. While this injury is typically associated with car accidents, it can result from any impact that causes the head to jerk sharply backward or forward. In most cases, the pain of whiplash is felt right away as there may be a pain when moving your head side to side and a decreased motion along with tightness of the neck muscles and a headache at the base of the skull. For some people, it can take days before symptoms appear.

    Whiplash injuries are most common with rear-end collisions, but they do not require a high-speed collision as whiplash can occur even in a low impact, low-speed accident.

    Damages in a Neck Injury Claim

    If someone else’s recklessness or negligence caused your injury, you might be entitled to compensation. The type of damages you can claim will depend on many factors, including the circumstances of your accident, the extent of your injuries, whether you will face long-term consequences of the injury, whether you are disabled, and more.

    In general, a settlement for a neck injury claim will likely include damages for current and future medical expenses, lost wages, reduced earning capacity, and non-economic damages like loss of enjoyment of life, pain, and suffering, and more.

    Contact a Neck Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

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    A neck injury can severely restrict your ability to work and do the things you enjoy. Neck injuries can also cause extensive medical expenses and lifelong health consequences. Don’t give in to the temptation to accept the first settlement offer you receive from the responsible party’s insurance company, as you are likely receiving a lowball offer that may not even cover your medical expenses, let alone your pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. An experienced personal injury attorney will protect your rights and best interests while negotiating a fair settlement.

    If you have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness and you have sustained a neck injury, it’s important to seek legal counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney to protect your rights and help you seek compensation for your injuries and pain. Neck injuries can lead to life-long consequences, including financial strain, chronic pain, an inability to return to work, and disability. Contact the Los Angeles Injury Group today for a free consultation with a Los Angeles neck injury lawyer to discuss your case and explore your legal options.

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