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    Slip and fall accidents are more common than most realize, and they can lead to far more than embarrassment. Slip and fall injuries are the leading cause of emergency room visits in the United States and a leading cause for missed work days. While many slip and fall accidents occur at home, these accidents can happen almost anywhere if a property is not well maintained.

    slip and fall injury attorney of Southern Cal with the law office of Tawni TakagiSlip and fall accidents, also known as premises liability cases, may be very complex because it is necessary to prove liability, negligence, and damages. If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident in California, a Los Angeles slip and fall attorney can help you explore your legal rights and seek compensation for your injuries.

    Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Los Angeles

    Many factors can contribute to slip and fall accidents, such as a parking lot with an ice patch or a stairway with crumbling steps. The most common causes of slip and fall accidents in California are:

    • Uneven or wet surfaces. About half of slip and fall accidents are caused by dangerous walking surfaces such as cluttered floors, uneven sidewalks, or recently waxed floors.
    • Weather conditions. Outdoor accidents often occur because of rain, snow, or ice.
    • Improper training is a leading cause of slip and fall accidents at work.
    Los Angeles Slip and Fall Attorney

    Common Slip and Fall Injuries

    Slip and fall accidents can be very dangerous and leave victims with life-changing injuries. Aside from fatalities, the most common injuries are serious fractures, head injuries, and spinal injuries. Many victims also suffer from neck injuries, knee injuries, ligament injuries, and scarring. Our best personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you explore your legal rights and seek compensation for your wounds.

    Slip and fall injuries may occur on the residential property, commercial property, and government property. In California, property managers and owners owe visitors who have an intention of conducting a transaction a duty of care, which means property owners must warn and protect visitors of dangerous conditions they know about or should reasonably know exist.

    The majority of slip and fall accidents are based on negligence. To prove a slip and fall injury case in Los Angeles, the following must be established:

    Slip and Fall Lawyer Los Angeles
    • The property owner had a duty of care to the victim
    • The property owner failed to fulfill the obligation
    • The victim suffered an injury as a result of this failure

    Proving a premises liability case can be very complicated. It is not always easy to establish that a property owner or manager was negligent or that it directly caused an injury. A California judge will consider whether the owner knew the property was dangerous, whether the owner failed to correct a known hazard, and whether it was reasonable for the property owner to know about the risk.

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    If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident, seek legal counsel right away before discussing your accident with an insurance company. A slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles will work on your behalf to establish liability and seek fair compensation for your injuries. Contact the Los Angeles Injury Group today for a free consultation with a slip and fall attorney in Los Angeles to discuss your case.

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