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    Since 2013, the State of California has seen a 28% increase in the number of car accidents annually. Sadly, over 40% of motorists admit to using cellular phones while behind the wheel. Distractions like radios, cellular phones, and even food place drivers at an increased risk of being involved in an accident. When a person is injured in an auto accident, by no fault of their own, it is crucial that they contact a Los Angeles car accident attorney as soon as possible. Victims deserve compensation and justice for the damages incurred in their collisions.

    With over 13 years of experience, Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at the Los Angeles Injury Group have helped thousands of victims obtain the maximum amount for their claims. Our firm is known for helping individuals with multi-million dollar claims. If you were injured in an automobile accident, contact our auto accident attorneys in Los Angeles as soon as possible.

    Why You Should Hire A Lawyer After A Los Angeles Car Accident

    Working with a reputable and experienced automobile collision attorney is your best bet for you to receive the compensation and justice you deserve. Insurance companies across Los Angeles are known for fighting victims diligently every step of the way. It is imperative to hire an aggressive attorney who will stand by your side to ensure you get the fair and full amount of compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and various other damages incurred.

    Los Angeles personal injury lawyers from the Los Angeles Injury Group help clients every step of the way. Some of the services we offer when handling legal claims include:

    Investigating the incident: Our knowledgeable car accident lawyers will analyze the scene of the incident, gather medical evidence, collect police reports, speak with witnesses, and do whatever necessary to ensure victims are able to present strong legal arguments. In some cases, our law firm will hire expert witnesses who can reconstruct the scene of the incident, present financial information to demonstrate lost earnings, and various other experts who play a critical role in helping victims present strong cases.

    Determining the true cost of the accident: Victims of motor vehicle accidents are only given one opportunity to collect compensation for their legal claims. Because of this, our attorneys work diligently to determine the true cost of a collision ahead of time. Our knowledgeable attorneys thoroughly review medical care plans in order to determine all future costs of treatment. We will hire the experts necessary to calculate earnings and lost wages and do everything in our power to ensure victims recover the maximum amount of compensation for their claims.

    Maintaining open communication: A critical part of having a strong case is keeping in constant contact with victims about their claims. Our lawyers are dedicated to open and continual communication with victims about their cases. We thoroughly believe it is crucial that victims know the exact details of their case at all time. If clients have any questions, we will work diligently to ensure they are answered for them.

    Handling paperwork: Our attorneys are dedicated to helping clients get full and fair compensation for their legal claims. One essential way to ensure victims collect is by handling all paperwork appropriately and in a timely manner. In California, victims have a strict statute of limitations. Victims have up to two years from the date of their accident to file a legal claim. Working with a knowledgeable auto accident attorney in Los Angeles will ensure your case is filed on time.

    Preparing for a settlement or trial: Our law firm attorneys prepare every case as if it were going to trial. Doing so ensures that our clients are in a better position to aggressively negotiate a fair and full settlement for their claims. If we are unable to reach a settlement, we are well-prepared to take the case to trial for victims. Regardless of whether a case settles ahead of time or goes to trial, we are dedicated to putting together a solid case on behalf of victims in order to achieve a positive outcome for their case.

    Helping victims get their vehicles repaired: In addition to getting the medical treatment necessary to make a full recovery, our firm is dedicated to helping those harmed get the compensation they need to repair or replace their vehicles. We understand that it is necessary for victims to get back and forth to and from meetings, appointments, and other scheduled events. Auto accident attorneys in Los Angeles help those harmed get their vehicles repaired quickly or replaced whenever necessary.

    The Los Angeles Injury Group is firmly dedicated to helping victims get the maximum amount of compensation they deserve. If you were injured in an auto accident in Los Angeles, contact our law firm as soon as possible to explore legal options available for your case.

    Type Of Damages Available In A Personal Injury Claim

    Victims of Los Angeles automobile collisions are able to obtain restitution for a variety of damages incurred from their accidents. Some of the most common types of damages available for auto accident claims include compensation for:

    Medical bills: Our law firm attorneys work aggressively to ensure accident victims get full and fair compensation for all past, current, and future medical costs. Damage amounts will include anticipated costs for future surgeries, future therapy, and all other treatments, medications, and medical equipment necessary. It is crucial to accurately document expected treatment requirements in order to demonstrate the level of care you will need future. Once a legal claim is finished, victims are not able to file a new claim against the at-fault driver for the same incident.

    Pain and suffering: Motor vehicle accidents can have a devastating impact on a victim’s life. Not only do they suffer physically, but they often deal with an array of negative emotional consequences as well. Courts understand the difficulties victims face in the aftermath of Los Angeles car accidents. For this reason, victims are able to be compensated based on the level of emotional and physical suffering they deal with consequent to their accidents.

    Property damage: One major problem victims face in the aftermath of their accident is fixing or replacing their vehicle. At the Los Angeles Injury Group, we work diligently to ensure victims are able to collect the compensation necessary to cover the costs for repairing or replacing their vehicle. If any personal items were destroyed or damaged, we help victims obtain compensation to cover those as well whenever possible.

    Lost wages: Those involved in Los Angeles car or truck accidents most likely spend days or even weeks in the hospital. Afterward, they are forced to spend weeks or even months out of work to recover. For this reason, our law firm attorneys work to help accident victims collect compensation for all lost wages resulting from their accidents. Regardless of whether a victim has to spend weeks in a hospital or miss work every now and then for appointments, we firmly believe they should not miss out or be forced to take vacation pay for missing work.

    Lost earning potential: When victims are forced out of work long-term, or indefinitely, our Los Angeles law firm lawyers help them to obtain restitution for their lost earning potential. The amount for damages awarded to victims is based on the current career of the individual, their level of education, the possibility of promotions, salary inflation, and numerous other factors. Working with a knowledgeable attorney who can hire the proper expert to accurately calculate the lost earning capacity is the best way to ensure you obtain the maximum amount for your case.

    Punitive damages: In some cases, Los Angeles accident victims can obtain punitive damages for their claim. These damages are not provided to compensate a victim for any loss in particular. Instead, they are provided as a way to punish the wrongdoer for extremely negligent acts, like driving under the influence or extreme negligence behind the wheel.

    Working with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney in Los Angeles will ensure you obtain full and fair compensation for damages in your case.

    Auto Accident Injury Attorney In Los Angeles

    Victims who are injured in Los Angeles auto accidents often feel alone in dealing with the devastating aftermath of a tragic collision. Those harmed should contact a knowledgeable Los Angeles car or truck accident attorney from the Los Angeles Injury Group as soon as possible to help with their claims.

    In Los Angeles, it is necessary to prove who is at fault for your injuries and damages. Victims have to adequately meet the burden of proof to succeed in their case. It is imperative to work with a reputable and knowledgeable attorney who can present a solid case on your behalf.

    For over 13-years, the Los Angeles Injury Group has helped thousands of accident victims across Los Angeles recover millions of dollars for their claims. The Los Angeles Injury Group is dedicated to helping those harmed return to their normal lives. The Los Angeles Injury Group serves our community with compassion and a desire to help accident victims succeed. If you were injured in an auto accident, contact our law firm at (310) 954-7248 to schedule a free case evaluation with a reputable Los Angeles personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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