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    There is no system in place to collect information about evacuations, groundings, collisions, and accidents involving cruise ships and many U.S.-based cruise lines register ships overseas,

    further complicating matters. While thousands of Californians enjoy cruises each year, accidents do happen. Every year, hundreds are hurt or even assaulted on cruise ships or during shore excursions.

    Cruise ship injury claims can be very complex as cruise lines operate out of foreign countries outside the bounds of U.S. enforcement and cases involve the complex international maritime law. Filing a claim after a cruise ship injury requires passing through different legal loopholes as you are not in the United States while on a cruise ship, legally speaking. Because the maritime law can complicate any claim of cruise ship liability, it’s important to work with a personal injury attorney who has experience with cruise ship accidents.

    There are many types of cruise ship accident claims, including:

    • Drowning
    • Slip and fall accidents
    • Fall object injuries
    • Medical malpractice or negligence
    • Illnesses, including negligent exposure to disease or food poisoning
    • Shore excursion accidents
    • Ship collisions
    • Assault by crew members

    Be Aware of Venue and Time Restrictions!

    As a passenger on a cruise line, you were very likely required to sign a long contract stating you have a very limited time and place during which any personal injury, wrongful death, or civil negligence claim may be filed against the cruise line. Cruise lines are permitted to shorten the amount of time in which passengers can make claims and where they can file a lawsuit. No matter where you left port, for example, both Princess Cruises¹ and Crystal Cruises² require all passengers file injury lawsuits in the state of California.

    You typically have just six months after your injury to notify the cruise line in writing of a claim and only 12 months in which to file a lawsuit.

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    Cruise ship accidents can be very dangerous, and these cases are almost always complex. If you have been hurt in a cruise ship accident, contact the Law Firm of Tawni Takagi right away to protect your legal rights and explore your legal options.

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