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    A head-on collision is one of the most violent and traumatic types of car accidents as the impact forcing each person backward is extreme. Head-on collisions are believed to account for just 2% of car accidents, but the trauma is often very high. Head-on accidents account for nearly 18% of all traffic fatalities aside from those at intersections.

    Causes of Head-On Collisions in Los Angeles

    A head-on collision can happen quickly and the result may be devastating. These accidents can happen for many reasons, but driver error is usually to blame. Common causes of head-on collisions in California include:

    1. Drunk driving
    2. Distracted driving, such as texting or talking on the phone
    3. Driver fatigue
    4. Multiple-vehicle accidents
    5. Slow reflexes, which may be due to age

    Liability in a Head-On Collision

    Establishing liability in a head-on collision injury case may be fairly straightforward, but a case can become very complex if it involves defective vehicles, traffic signals, weather conditions, or multiple-vehicle accidents.

    California law holds drivers accountable for acting with due care at all times. This includes getting off the road if the driver is very fatigued and avoiding distractions. If you were injured in a head-on collision and the other driver was at fault, an experienced head-on collision accident lawyer in Los Angeles will use several strategies to establish liability and help you recover compensation. This includes an accident reconstruction, eyewitness testimony, photographs of the accident, data from the vehicles’ on-board computers, and your medical records.

    If you have been hurt in a head-on collision in Los Angeles, an accident injury lawyer can help you recover the compensation you deserve to help you recover from your injuries. Due to the severity of injuries common with head-on collisions, it’s important to choose an injury lawyer who knows how to investigate these serious claims and retain experts to prove driver negligence. Contact the Los Angeles Injury Group today for a free consultation with a Los Angeles accident injury lawyer to discuss your case.

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