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    DUI Accidents On The Rise In California

    According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)¹, more than 10,300 people were killed in accidents caused by a drunk driver in California between 2003 and 2012. A recent survey also found that 1.8% of Californians report drinking and driving within the last month. Drunk driving fatalities are on the rise in California, with drunk driving accidents accounting for almost 29% of all traffic fatalities in the state.
    If you or someone you love was injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, an experienced drunk driving injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you understand your rights and seek compensation.

    Drunk Driving Accidents in Los Angeles

    Driving under the influence is a serious criminal offense in California that puts people at risk of harm and death. Individuals who drive while intoxicated may face criminal charges as well as civil lawsuits for their actions. In addition to pressing charges, victims of a DUI accident and family members may pursue civil claims to recover damages. If you were hurt in an accident and the driver was arrested for or convicted of DWI or DUI in Los Angeles, you can file a civil claim for damages immediately without waiting for the conclusion of the criminal trial.

    If criminal charges are filed, the verdict of the civil case will be separate from the criminal case. If the driver is convicted in criminal court, it will strengthen your civil case, but a conviction is not necessary to file or win a civil claim for damages as civil court requires a lower level of proof.

    Liability for Drunk Driving Accidents

    In Los Angeles, several people may be held legally liable for drunk driving accidents. Drunk drivers are considered legally liable for their own behavior, no matter how intoxicated when they chose to drive. Hosts of a party where alcohol was served may be liable in some cases, especially if the host knowingly provided alcohol to someone who was clearly intoxicated. In some cases, even bar or restaurant staff may be responsible for a drunk driving accident if they continued serving alcohol to someone who seemed intoxicated.

    Compensation for a Drunk Driving Accident in Los Angeles

    The California court system allows victims in a drunk driving accident to recover financial damages for their injuries and other damages caused by an intoxicated driver. A civil verdict or settlement for wrongful death or personal injury claims in a drunk driving accident in Los Angeles may include compensation for:

    1. Medical expenses (current and future)
    2. Lost wages
    3. Reduced earning capacity
    4. Disfigurement
    5. Disability
    6. Pain and suffering
    7. Loss of consortium and loss of enjoyment of life
    8. Property damage

    California civil law also allows victims to recover punitive damages in drunk driving cases to deter drunk driving and punish the driver.

    Contact a Drunk Driving Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles

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    If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a drunk driving accident, a DUI accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help you seek compensation for your injuries and losses. Contact the Los Angeles Injury Group today for a free consultation with an experienced Los Angeles DUI accident attorney to discuss your case.

    Centers for Disease Control (CDC)¹-

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