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    Every year, many truck accidents take place in Victorville, putting many lives at risk and causing serious injuries. But what makes truck accidents so deadly each and every year throughout many counties in California? The truth is, truck drivers operate vehicles that are upwards of 50-80,000 pounds, while passenger vehicles are just a little more than 5,000 pounds. Combine this with the fact that mistakes can happen so quickly on the roadways and you have a recipe for disaster. Keeping these factors in mind comes the fact that a catastrophic accident can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities in the worst of situations. These accidents can change your life in ways you would have never expected.

    With thousands of people throughout California losing their lives or being injured every year, we wonder how we can work together to reduce the number of accidents that occur. Truck drivers on our roads today receive specialized training that helps them ensure the safety of other drivers who share our roads. In fact, drivers are supposed to abide by strict regulations. Here are some of the common reasons why these accidents take place on our roads every year:

    • Blind spots that make it difficult for truck drivers to see vehicles at the sides and backs of trucks
    • Left-turn accidents where a driver turns left in front of a passenger vehicle, especially at intersections
    • Unsafe passing techniques
    • Unsafe speeding
    • Drivers being inadequately trained by their company
    • Unrealistic schedules and systems of compensation that make speeding necessary, which risks the safety of other drivers

    Regulations in the Trucking Industry

    Because trucks are so large and the prevalence of accidents occurs more than we would like to admit, many regulations have been stated to keep drivers safe. For example, one regulation implemented by the FMCSA states that drivers can be tested for drugs or alcohol before hiring and after accidents. There are also regulations that dictate how much time drivers can spend on the roadways before they have to take a break. These are hours of service regulations and there are many ways that these regulations can be met. For instance, if a driver drives for 70 hours in one week, they are required to rest for at least 34 hours straight. These regulations are meant to keep our roads safe so, when a violation occurs, both the driver and the company can be held liable.

    When you hold a party liable for your truck accident, you can be compensated for many different aspects. Perhaps your injuries are lasting or permanent and you aren’t sure how you will get back on your feet in your time of need. Some of the aspects you can receive damages for include things like medical bills, lost wages when you’re unable to return to work, and emotional distress. These cases can be especially trying, which is why you may need assistance to help you gain the compensation you deserve. Call us today for more information on how we can play a vital role in your claim.


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