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Uber and Other Ridesharing Accidents in Victorville

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    When it comes to hitching a ride, you may have used a ridesharing service to get to where you needed to be. Many people, for whatever reasons, utilize the services of rideshare drivers every year. Whether you’re depending on a safe ride home from the bar after with friends, or you need a ride because you do not have a vehicle at the moment, ridesharing services are there to make your life easier for you. Many people think that Uber services are a lot like taxi services and, to some extent, they are correct. However, they aren’t in many other ways, including terms of liability when you have been injured by a driver. If you have been involved in an Uber or other ridesharing accident, you may have questions for us. Luckily, we have handled these cases in the past and want to help you through this difficult time as you work toward the compensation you deserve in your time of need.

    Damages Stemming From Ridesharing Accidents

    You expect your rideshare service to go smoothly. Nobody ever expects to be involved in a catastrophic accident that changes your life forever. Unfortunately, this is the case for many people each and every year in America. As you are injured, you may wonder how you will pay for things like medical bills, lost income when you aren’t able to return to work, and every single cent that you will owe in the future related to your injuries. Luckily, we can help you through this difficult time and you are not out of options.

    In many states, certain citizens have been warned that, by utilizing ridesharing services, they could be left with very little options when it comes to compensation and more. Many people do not know that there could be legal consequences relating to your accident and you could be left with very few options for recovery. Will you be covered in your accident or will you have to worry about seeking compensation from other sources?

    The truth is, many ridesharing companies do not view their drivers as “employees” but “independent contractors” instead. This can create many legal issues because, when it comes to liability, you won’t be able to bring a claim against a company if it does not consider their drivers to be real employees. Independent contractors usually set their own hours and work schedules, which means that you only have a right to bring a claim against a driver for compensation. Luckily, Uber is headquartered in California, which means that all drivers are considered to be employees and you will be able to recover from their insurance policy or by bringing a claim.

    Uber, like many other companies, has adopted a $1 million insurance claim. Though this could be enticing and gain you the medical service coverage that you need, it may not be enough. The catastrophic injuries that come with these accidents can be extremely devastating and exceed well beyond the $1 million limits, which is why you want to be able to have options for recovery and why you should talk to us immediately after you have been injured.

    We are waiting to hear from you about your case. Nobody ever expects to be injured in an accident where a driver promises to watch out for your safety. If you have been injured in a ridesharing accident, you have ways to receive the compensation you deserve and we want to talk to you. Call us as soon as possible.


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