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    If you live in Victorville, when is the last time you took a bus somewhere you needed to be? If you asked every person in Victorville this same thing, they would probably say that they take buses everywhere. Bus services are huge in California, where people are always traveling from one place to the next to see famous tourist attractions, make their way to the many businesses and workplaces, and more. However, every year in California, hundreds of people are injured or killed when they fall victim to horrific bus-related accidents. We depend on transportation and want it to be safe, but unfortunately, this is not the case with all services.

    Have you been injured in a Victorville bus accident and you wonder how you can be compensated in this desperate time? Perhaps the medical bills are piling up right in front of your eyes, or you wonder when you’ll finally be able to return to work. No matter how immense your accident or the injuries that you have sustained, we want to stand by your side. We understand how to get you the most compensation that you deserve in your time of need after you have been injured in a bus accident. Turn to us to get started on your case and retain your rights.

    Bus Accidents Fall Under Common Carrier Laws

    What is a common carrier law? In California, like many other states across the U.S., buses are referred to as common carriers, which are modes of transportation that are responsible for carrying people from one point to the next for a fee. You have probably utilized the services of common carriers in the past, especially if you have taken trips in taxis, on planes or trains, and so much more. When you have been injured in a common carrier accident, you should know that you have rights. The reason these laws are in place is due to the fact that these types of drivers need to put the care of their passengers before anything else. If they fail to do so and you are seriously injured, you could hold a party liable for your injuries. Passengers expect to make it from one place to the next as safely as possible. Has your bus driver provided the highest duty of care or have they failed to do so and now you aren’t sure where to turn?

    If you can show that a bus driver acted negligently in your case, you may be able to recover damages for aspects like medical bills, loss of income when you aren’t able to return to work, emotional suffering, and more. Bus drivers are held liable in accidents every year when they engage in negligent acts like speeding, drowsy driving, drunk driving, and more. Sometimes companies even end up liable in cases where they have failed to adequately train drivers before putting them out on the roadways. Tremendous damages could apply in these cases, as buses are large motor vehicles.

    Turning to an Attorney in Your Time of Need

    You should always have an attorney on your side because, as you can see, sometimes more than just the bus driver could be liable for your damages. For instance, what happens if the bus was not properly maintained and somebody else was in charge of doing this? What if the bus driver was working at the time and now their employer is partially responsible for the damages? These are scenarios that could easily apply to your case, which is why it is important to look into every aspect before you move forward with your claim. We are willing to help you do this and gain the results you deserve in your time of need. Call us as soon as possible at the Los Angeles Injury Group so we can get started.





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