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    There is never an end to the many things you can do in Victorville, California. Many tourists are coming and going from the area, and citizens are rushing from one place to the next, having the time of their lives. Whether they find what they are looking for at the many businesses or beaches, they’re sure to find it in or around Victorville. But did you know that many people also lose their lives or sustain serious injuries in traffic accidents in Victorville? Every day, negligent drivers make the decision to get behind the wheel of the car after drinking, drive distracted, speed when they are not supposed to, and many other negligent actions that put drivers at risk. Sometimes, we get caught up in their lives in the worst way – when an accident occurs. If we are unlucky enough to experience an accident, where do we turn? From motorcycle and bus accidents to those involving commercial trucks and motor vehicles, we stand by your side no matter the claim, no matter how minor or major the injuries involved.

    If you have been injured in a Victorville, California, accident, we want to speak with you as soon as possible about your claim. Many people who have been injured believe that there are no options for recovery and will wait to make their claim until they realize that it is too late. You don’t want this to happen to you. You want to take every chance available to you and gain the compensation you deserve in your time of need, no matter what it takes. We will stand by your side and support you.

    How an Attorney Can Help

    Many people believe that, if their injuries are not so serious, they can handle a personal injury claim on their own. However, consider this scenario: You have been injured in a car accident and you feel a bit of pain for a few weeks. You have sustained minimal medical bills and you aren’t sure if you want to pursue a claim or not. However, many weeks or months down the road, you start feeling immense and chronic pain in your back and know that it is related to your accident. In this case, you will want an attorney on your side to support you.

    The need for an attorney comes from the dire need to retain your rights and preserve your accident in your case. Personal injury law encompasses many legal remedies and defenses that can be used when somebody brings a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury claims are brought when you know that a party’s negligence contributed to your accident, and now you want to recover because you cannot handle the finances on your own. Negligence happens in cases every day, from drivers who choose to text while they are driving, to those who fail to watch out for pedestrians on our roadways. If a road violation occurs and you are injured as a result, you can almost be sure that a claim of negligence will work in your favor.

    Accidents We Cover

    We cover a wide range of accident types at the Los Angeles Injury Group, where your case means everything to us. Here are just a few examples:

    Of course, we cover many other types of accidents caused by negligence, but these are just a few examples. If a party’s negligence has contributed to your accident, we want to talk to you today.

    Working With You Through Settlement or Litigation

    Did you know that only about 4-5% of cases end up going to trial? This could be something you want to keep at the back of your mind while you consider whether settlement or litigation is right for you. We understand that you may be feeling stressed about the litigation process, especially because in many of these accidents you may be trying to prove your claim while the big-name insurance companies and attorneys from the defendant are trying to twist your words or build a claim against you. They may have claimed that you caused your own accident and that your client is not responsible for your injuries. It is natural to feel stressed about this. We are here to help build your case from the ground up, showing evidence along the way.

    Some of the best ways to preserve an accident are to take photographs of all damages that occurred on the scene and seek medical attention. Medical attention will not only assure that you will pave the way to recovery, but it can also be an integral tool in your case. You want to speak to the police and witnesses at the scene of your accident, as you may be able to obtain a police report that blames fault on the other party, which can make or break your case. Let us work with you as soon as possible to get you the compensation you deserve.

    Helping You in the Present and Future

    An experienced attorney’s impact can be a lasting one. What if you have sustained permanent or long-term injuries and you know that you will be dealing with them for a long time? This means that the medical bills could keep piling up for years to come, or you will continue to miss time at work, which means fewer opportunities to make the income you need to stay afloat. When a party has acted negligently and you can prove this, the party may be entitled to future payments as well as what you have suffered in the past and present. Many injuries can bring lasting results, such as rehabilitation for the injuries that will stick with you, or equipment that you will have to use just to be able to navigate around your house.

    Call an advocate who will stand up for your rights and help you every step of the way as you build your personal injury claim. At the Los Angeles Injury Group, we care about your right to compensation and want to help you work through the disorienting process as well as have a voice in your case. Call us as soon as possible to get started, at 310-954-7248.


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