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    Who doesn’t love the sights and sounds of San Diego, one of the most popular areas in all of California? Many people love to browse around the San Diego Zoo, the popular SeaWorld, and many beautiful beaches available to the public. With so many great sights around the corner, it’s no surprise that tourists are constantly coming in and out of the city, and people are always making their way to work at the many businesses available. This means that, on any given day, you will find people taking rides on buses, trains, and more – including their own vehicles, Uber, and more.

    Where do you turn in your time of need when you have been injured in a serious San Diego accident? Every year, much people lose their lives in these horrific accidents, and many more walk away with serious injuries that will have an impact on the rest of their lives. When you have been injured, you will bring an injury case through the San Diego Superior Court. In these accidents, you move forward with the knowledge that the other driver acted negligently in your case and will do whatever it takes to prove this. You need an attorney that you can trust on your side, fighting for your rights so that you don’t have to face the big-name insurance company and the defendant’s attorney all on your own. We love our beautiful city of San Diego and want to help you maintain your rights so you can move forward in your time of need.

    Giving You the Tools to Handle Your Injury Case

    At the Los Angeles Injury Group, we understand that you have rights and one of these rights is the right to recover in your time of need. California is known for having large amounts of fatal car accidents on the highways, as well as a large range of truck accidents that cause serious, life-changing injuries. In 2013, there were more than 70,000 truck accidents with almost 4,000 ending in fatalities. We can help you file your injury claim when you have been injured in a San Diego traffic accident. However, you may have questions on what the personal injury claim consists of and how you work toward filing.

    Personal injury law helps you become compensated when you have been injured due to the negligent actions of another party. How do you show that a party has acted negligently and it led to your accident? Negligence stands at the center of each and every personal injury claim that is brought against another party. Some examples of this are a doctor who fails to abide by their standard duty of care and an infant is injured as a result, or a truck driver who does not abide by the regulations that have been laid out for them. Some accidents cannot be avoided; however, if the accident could have been prevented by somebody who was acting reasonably, then the party has probably acted negligently in some way.

    We understand that the legal system can be entirely complex, but that it can work on your side in many cases. We are here to help you navigate the complex legal system and help you understand that certain laws can play a huge role in your case. We want to help you show that a party has acted negligently and, as a result, you should be compensated for aspects like medical bills, loss of income, emotional distress, and more.

    We help apply to the law to a variety of cases when you have been injured, including the following:

    Attorneys Standing By Your Side

    You may not have had the confidence to move forward with your case. Perhaps after you were injured, you thought to yourself I’ll just wait to file my claim until a later date or There’s no need to file my claim because I won’t be able to gain the compensation I know I need. We want you to lose this mindset and realize that you are worthy of gaining what you want through your personal injury claim, and we want to help you receive every bit of compensation that you are entitled to during this time. From the most minor to most major cases, we offer our help to you in your time of need.

    We do more than just file your case in the very beginning. We work with you to make sure that you are meeting the filing deadlines and the statute of limitations, investigate your case every step of the way, research the laws regarding your case, and more. We don’t want you to miss out on filing and not be able to bring your claim later on down the road, which means that you could miss out on opportunities. If you don’t want to go through the process of litigation, you might have the chance to negotiate and settle your case.

    Did you know that a small percentage of personal injury cases actually make it to trial? We want to help you gain the compensation you deserve through any option you choose. However, before you even think of going to court for your injuries, you have to make sure that you seek medical treatment and start at the very beginning of your case, which means reaching stabilization or recovery. We can help you as you gather evidence showing financial strain due to your injuries, speak to your doctor and father financial statements like bills and more, and show that you have stayed at the hospital, went to all your doctor’s appointments, and more. These will be aspects that only help support your claim in the end.

    Helping You Work Toward the Compensation You Deserve

    Have you been in a specific type of traffic accident that has had a huge impact on your life and left you with little options as you struggle to pay your medical bills, keep up with your income after missing time at work, and more? If you have experienced a motor vehicle, truck, motorcycle, or any other type of accident, we are here to help you fight for your rights and gain the compensation you deserve in your time of need. Many types of accidents occur in San Diego every year. We can help you in your time of need. You have rights to compensation.

    Are you interested in speaking to an attorney who can help you through this desperate time in your life? Do you need help navigating the complicated legal system? Let us help you every step of the way. Call us today at the Los Angeles Injury Group at 310-954-7248.


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