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    Did you know that Riverside is one of the very few counties in California that imposes jail time for first-time offenders of driving while intoxicated? What that means is that anyone who is convicted of DUI in Riverside will generally be facing six to ten days of jail for their first offense. But what happens if somebody is driving drunk and they collide with your vehicle on one of the many roadways of Riverside, where traffic is constantly traveling everywhere possible? This could cause a catastrophic accident leading to severe injuries that could cause a major impact on your life. With drunk driving becoming a major problem in California, many people wonder where to turn when a drunk driver has caused an accident and you have sustained injuries.

    Drunk Driving and a Driver’s Negligence

    There are many types of negligence that can be displayed by vehicle drivers on our roads in Riverside. Some of the ways that drivers act negligently every day include driving distracted, disobeying traffic signals on the roadways, and more. Drunk driving is an especially severe type of distracted driving, as those who drive drunk can easily lose control of their vehicles when alcohol skews their perception of everything around them. The intoxication of a driver is not what causes an accident – it is the negligent actions that result.

    After your accident, it is always important to contact the local police department, as this will play an important role in your claim. The biggest role that the police will play is to assess the accident as well as the state of the other driver, which will probably lead to charges if it is proven that a driver was operating a vehicle while intoxicated. The police will issue a citation and make an arrest, which will lead to a police report that you will be able to use in court. Making a strong case is one of the most important aspects of your case because this will lead to compensation that will help you recover from your injuries and help you financially. Many of these accidents are known to be extremely reckless and happen at high speeds, which is why you may have suffered from catastrophic injuries. Having documentation to prove your case can help you in many ways so you can gain compensation for things like medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and more.

    Can Another Party Be Held Liable?

    In Riverside DUI accidents, you may believe that the driver is the only party that can be held liable, as they made the decision to get behind the wheel of their car while drunk. However, dram shop liability laws may apply in your case as well. But what are these laws? These laws apply in cases where a driver bought alcohol drinks from an establishment and the accident occurred due to their severe intoxication. Sometimes these laws apply where a driver was clearly intoxicated and a tavern continued to sell them drinks, knowing that they did not have a ride home. However, you must note that these cases can be very hard to prove, as defendants are expected to make responsible choices, so you will probably wind up with a claim against only the driver unless there were special circumstances.

    DUI accidents can cause severe injuries to a victim, changing the course of their life in the blink of an eye. At the Los Angeles Injury Group, we understand how severe these accident cases can be, and the financial strain damages can have on your life. Give us a call today at 310-954-7248 for more information on how we can get started on your Riverside DUI accident case and help you gain the results you deserve in your dire time of need.





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