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    DUI Accident Attorney for Your Orange County, California Case

    Orange County takes DUI cases seriously. There aren’t many places in California that are busier than Orange County, which means that drivers are expected to obey all the rules of the road and protect one another at all costs. This means driving with a standard duty of care to follow all traffic signals, drive without distractions, and so much more. But what happens if you have been injured due to someone’s outright negligence as they got behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated? Drunk driving is a growing issue in many parts of California, and today we want you to know that you have help on your side when you are making a personal injury claim against a drunk driver.

    Drunk Driving: A Serious Type of Negligence

    As you know, there are many types of negligence by vehicle drivers, such as those who drive while they are drowsy, texting and driving, and so much more. Drunk driving is especially serious because of how quickly a driver can lose control of their vehicle when alcohol skews the way they perceive everything around them. Intoxication itself doesn’t cause an accident – negligent actions due to drinking are what do.

    If you believe that another driver was operating a vehicle while intoxicated and they have caused your accident, it is best to always contact the local police department. The police will be able to tell if a driver is drunk and issue a citation, as well as write up a police report that states the alleged cause of the accident. With that citation and the police report as evidence, you will have a strong case when it comes time to show the court why you should be compensated for your damages. Many of these accidents are reckless and occur at high speeds, which is why you may have suffered from catastrophic, life-changing injuries. Having proper documentation can help your case become strong, which will lead to compensation for things like medical bills, lost wages, and more.

    Dram Shop Liability

    In Orange County, California, you see bars all around you. Many people love to enjoy the night life in Orange County, and there is nothing wrong with that – until somebody makes the decision to get behind the wheel of a car. Sometimes, the drunk driver is not the only party who could be held liable for your injuries. There is also a good chance that a bar, tavern, or restaurant could also share liability, even though the driver made the decision to drive their car.

    Dram shop liability applies in cases where a driver bought alcoholic drinks from an establishment and the alcohol sold caused their intoxication, finally leading to an accident. Take, for example, a case where a tavern sold multiple drinks to a defendant and continued to sell them to the defendant even though they were intoxicated after the first drink. Multiple witnesses hear the defendant claim that they’re going to drive away from the bar pretty soon.

    The trouble is that these cases can sometimes be very hard to prove because juries tend to believe that people should act responsibly when drinking and the blame should be on the defendant, not the bar. No matter what legalities apply to your case, you should have an understanding attorney on your side to help you win your case against any parties.

    At the Los Angeles Injury Group, we have experience handling a wide variety of cases involving various modes of transportation. If somebody was driving drunk and caused your accident, leading to extensive injuries and time away from work, you may have a case. Call us today to get started as soon as possible so that you do not miss any deadlines. We want to help you move forward. Contact us at 310-954-7248.



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