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    Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney in Orange County, California

    In Orange County, California, businesses are booming. Everywhere you turn in this highly populous area housing more than 3 million people, you see businesses – because there is an immediate need for them! From restaurants to warehouses, to the small boutiques and candy shops you can’t live without, Orange County has it all. And with so many businesses doing well in this popular area that is also a common vacation spot, there is a huge need for drivers.

    When you think of commercial vehicles, what do you picture? Many people associate commercial vehicles with freight trucks and delivery trucks. But there are so many different types of commercial vehicles, such as minivans, passenger buses, flatbed trucks, hearses, limousines, step vans, front loaders, and more. These special types of vehicles are used for transporting goods from place to place, as well as many other services that keep businesses up and running across all of Orange County. When you are injured in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, where do you turn? What rights to compensation do you have? Luckily for you, all hope is not lost, and we can help you gain the compensation you deserve at the Los Angeles Injury Group.

    Difficulty in Proving a Commercial Vehicle Case

    Sometimes, proving your commercial vehicle case can be a difficult action because big-name companies are protecting their drivers at all costs, which means large insurance companies who will put up barriers and hoops for you to jump through. The company that owns the truck will do anything they can to protect their driver and pin the blame on you for the accident. However, several people may be at fault in these accidents, including the following:

    • Commercial vehicle drivers, who may have been speeding or otherwise driving recklessly
    • A company that did not perform routine maintenance on the vehicle or failed to properly train employees
    • A manufacturer when brakes went out of another mechanical failure occurs

    Retaining important information regarding your commercial vehicle accident can help you get the best results in your case. This is why, immediately after your accident, you want to collect helpful information that you can use later on during your case to lessen the difficulties experienced in many of these cases. You should always receive other driver’s contact and insurance information, take as many photographs as possible and ask witnesses about their recollections if they saw the accident occur. With many drivers on the roads of Orange County, chances are that somebody saw it happen right before their very eyes.

    Helping You Compensate for Your Losses

    If you have been injured in a commercial vehicle accident in Orange County, you may wonder how to receive compensation for your losses. Commercial vehicle accidents are more common than you think. With about 3,800 accidents involving a large truck or bus in 2013, it’s no wonder that these claims are being made every single day. If a driver acted negligently, call us today to find out how we can help.

    We have experience in commercial vehicle accidents at the Los Angeles Injury Group and want to help you gain compensation for your medical treatment costs, lost income, future wages, and pain and suffering. Call us today for a free consultation at 310-954-7248.



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