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    Bus Accident Attorney Gaining You Results in Your Orange County Case

    Have you recently been injured in a transportation accident and need the help of an Orange County bus accident attorney? There are many types of bus accidents that happen in Orange County, where residents and visitors are always moving from one place to another. For instance, you may see buses traveling the roads of Orange County every day to get people to work, to tourist destinations, or driving children to and from school.

    In 2014, for example, the Orange Unified School District was held liable when a bus driver passed out and smashed a school bus into a tree while he was driving. Just recently, the school district reached a $10 million settlement with the families of 5 children who were injured in the accident. The man is now facing felony charges for lying about a medical condition, for child abuse and endangerment.

    Bus Accidents: Common Carrier Law

    In Orange County, like many other places in the country, bus accidents operate based on common carrier laws, which are modes of transportation that are responsible for transporting people for a fee. This includes school buses, taxis, trains, cable cars, ferries, and more. Common carriers are expected to abide by a higher duty of care since they are offering their services to others, which means they must protect others. Common carrier drivers are supposed to use the highest degree of care possible to protect its passengers and, failure to do so is considered negligence.

    This is why, when bus drivers are acting negligently, they can be held responsible for compensation costs related to injuries, medical treatment, loss of income, pain, and suffering, and more. Some of the ways that bus drivers drive negligently each year include speeding, fatigue, inadequate training, and more. Special rules apply when children are injured as passengers because the duty of care is at its ultimate highest when children are involved.

    When a bus accident occurs, however, it must be noted that there are many parties who could be held liable for the accident – and not just the bus driver. If the bus accident involved a school district, there are four parties who could be brought into lawsuit actions: the bus driver, the school district, a third-party contracting agency, and the insurance company. You may not have known this, which shows you that it helps to start with an experienced attorney when you have sustained injuries due to a bus accident.

    Having an Personal Injury Attorney on Your Side

    You may find that there are many complexities in your Orange County bus accident case. For instance, many common carriers are governmental agencies, which means that you may not have long to file a claim. You want to ensure that your rights are protected by meeting the statute of limitations on your case, which is where an experienced attorney can offer you the best assistance.

    If you need answers and compensation now, it’s time to get legal assistance from an attorney you can trust at the Los Angeles Injury Group. You may wonder how you can determine liable parties, prove negligence, and show evidence to recover when you have been injured in an Orange County bus accident. Let us help you with your case. Call us today at 310-954-7248.


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