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    Personal Injury Attorneys Helping You With Your Orange County Accident

    Orange County, California, is known for many wonderful sights and its glorious beauty along the many beaches. If you live in Orange County, you know that there are plenty of things to do, from the Disneyland Resort to Huntington Beach, to the Crystal Cove State Park. With a population well over 3 million, people always have somewhere to go, and something to do. But with many people comes the very real fact that accidents are right around the corner – from auto, truck, plane, and even boating accidents.

    When you have been injured and have received treatment, your next question might be: Where will I turn? One very real concern that many people have after an accident is the fact that they have mounting medical bills and may be suffering from disabling or debilitating injuries that have kept them out of work. If this is your situation, you may wonder how you can take charge and gain compensation for your injuries after your Orange County accident.

    Handling a Variety of Personal Injury Claims

    At the Los Angeles Injury Group, we understand the ins and outs of personal injury law and want to help you get results, whether you are suffering from injuries stemming from a bus accident, pedestrian accident, Uber accident, and more. But what is a personal injury claim and what is the personal injury claims process?

    Personal injury law, itself, encompasses the legal remedies and defenses when an injured party brings a lawsuit due to their injuries. This is widely due to the wrongful conduct of other negligent parties. Personal injury cases are always based on the premise of negligence, which requires members to act reasonably in certain situations. Here are some examples: Those who share the roadways must always drive according to the laws of the road and attempt to keep others from harm. In cases of bus accidents, drivers must abide by common carrier law, which states that they must abide by a duty of care higher than most to protect those who pay for their services. Though some accidents are avoidable, others could have very well been prevented, which is where personal injury law comes into play.

    We can help by navigating the complex legal system and help you understand the laws that play a role in your case. We can help you establish negligence by parties who meant harm so that defendants are ordered to compensate you for your injuries for their actions.

    What We Can Do For You

    We cover a wide variety of personal injury cases at the Los Angeles Injury Group, from commercial vehicle to auto accidents to motorcycle, boat, construction, plane, and many other types of personal injury accidents. With California being one of the most populous states and Orange County being a popular destination for residents and tourists alike, it is no wonder that so many personal injury cases are filed every year. It is known that California’s popularity especially contributes to the high number of motor vehicle accidents that occur in the state, namely 7.9 fatalities per 100,000 population. Many of the accidents that occur on a daily basis are caused by speed, drunk driving, trucks, and more. It is important to turn to a personal injury attorney no matter what injuries, including wrongful death, you have sustained and no matter who is at fault. We will help with the rest.

    Personal injury attorneys do more than just filing personal injury claims. A personal injury lawyer does everything from start to finish: from investigating claims to screening potential clients, to gathering evidence, researching laws, drafting pleadings, the discovery process, and so much more. Though many personal injury attorneys tend to have enormous caseloads, they work within the tight deadlines put in place by the court and help the injured and their families seek justice in a time of need unlike any other.

    Getting You Proven Results Through Settlement and Litigation

    At the Los Angeles Injury Group, we do more than help you fill out the initial documents to get started on your case; we stand by your side through the difficult times and answer your questions as you stumble over the complexities in your case and wonder how you will achieve the compensation you were hoping for. We will not let you fall and will always work to get you results for your accident case, no matter what method you choose: settlement negotiation or litigation.

    The U.S. Department of Justice states that only 4-5% of personal injury claims make it to trial. It takes time to get to this point, however. After you have been injured, your attorney typically cannot move forward until you have been released from your doctor and have fully recovered from your injuries, or have at least stabilized. This is when we will work with you to assemble all the important aspects of your case, such as medical reports, records and bills, and every other item that is integral to documenting your case from start to finish.

    If you have been injured in a truck or car accident, we will talk to the insurers and discuss fair settlement with the company involved to try and settle your matters before they make it to court. If settlement and negotiations are not getting us the results you deserve, then litigation is the proven method to receive final results. In cases like truck and car accidents especially, there are many parties that could be called forward for liability in your case. We will be by your side every step of the way in the litigation process, helping you portray your case to the judge and getting compensation for your damages.

    Orange County Attorneys Who Care

    At the Los Angeles Injury Group, we promise to help you regain certainty and confidence in your case. We have years of experience in a variety of cases and have the focus to handle the most complex and specialized cases, from your motor vehicle accident case, to your workplace accident, to a slip and fall accident. From the most minor to complicated accidents, we bring you results that you can count on.

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