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    With more businesses doing well, it means we will see more commercial vehicles on the roadways. Long Beach, California, is known for a huge population, which means that many businesses will prosper, especially with so many people to buy products from their favorite places across California – whether citizens or tourists. From restaurants to warehouses, to museum shops and more along the boardwalk, Long Beach has everything that you’re looking for! With so many businesses doing well in the popular area of Long Beach, it’s only expected to grow.

    When you picture commercial vehicles, you may only picture large trucks; however, there are many other types of vehicles included in this description as well. Some of the popular commercial vehicles include such vehicles as minivans, passenger buses, flatbed and box trucks, hearses, limousines, and any other type of vehicle that tends to transport goods from one place to another for the benefit of a company. If we want businesses to stay alive and prosper, then there is always a need for commercial vehicles. Where do you turn, however, when you have been injured in one of these accidents? Luckily, you have options when you are seeking compensation after a difficult time. At the Los Angeles Injury Group, we want to help you hold a driver or company liable when you have been injured by the negligence of another.

    The Difficulties in Commercial Vehicle Accidents

    It may not be as easy as you think to hold a driver or company liable in one of these unique cases. However, proving your case doesn’t have to be impossible, so don’t give up! For instance, many of these company vehicles are protected by huge insurance companies and many big-name attorneys who will try to talk down on you and even turn the case against you, proposing the idea that you may be liable for your own accident. This is because they will do whatever it takes to protect their driver and company. Several parties may be liable for these accidents, including the following:

    • Commercial vehicle drivers who may have been speeding, driving distracted, or some other type of negligence on the roadways
    • Companies that have not performed routine maintenance on vehicles or failed to properly train their employees
    • Manufacturing companies when they have sold defective parts for the vehicle

    This is why it is extremely important to maintain as much evidence as possible after your accident. You will be able to obtain the best results and work toward the compensation you deserve. There are many ways to preserve your case so that you can make a claim against a company or driver, from taking photographs of your injuries and collecting witness statements to saving your medical bills so that you can prove that you have obtained medical treatment and taken the time to care for your injuries.

    Have you been injured in a Long Beach commercial vehicle accident and now you wonder where to turn in your time of need? Luckily, we are here for you when you need us by your side to help you preserve your case and fight for your rights. We will not let the insurance companies push you around. Call us at the Los Angeles Injury Group for help with your case, at 310-954-7248.






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