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    In California, everybody takes buses to get to where they need to be. Perhaps you have utilized bus services when your vehicle was out of commission and you needed a way to get to work. Maybe you like to take buses when you go shopping in the city. As we know, there are many enjoyable things to do in Long Beach, and many things to see. In 2016, 31 people were injured in large bus accidents in California. With a bigger focus on safety, we could work to reduce the amount of these accidents that take lives and cause serious injuries every year. We depend on transportation and want the safest methods possible.

    Have you been injured in a bus accident and now you have to face devastating injuries that have left a permanent impact on your life? No matter the size of your accident and injuries, no matter how long the recovery, we want to stand by your side and protect your rights in your time of need. We have experience in bus accident claims and know how to litigate your case or help you pave the way to settlement. From the initial filing to preparing your case, to go to settlement or court over matters, we are here for you.

    Bus Accidents and Common Carrier Laws

    Like many areas of California, Long Beach is the same in that bus accidents are based on something known as common carrier laws. Common carriers are modes of transportation that are responsible for carrying people from one place to another, usually for a fee. Common carrier laws apply to all sorts of vehicles, especially taxis, trains, cable cars, ferries, and more. You may have ridden on planes and trains in the past, and you should know that you have rights when you are injured in these accidents. Common carrier drivers are expected to utilize the utmost of care in these cases to protect those who use their services. Passengers are expecting to get from one place to another as safely as possible. If a driver fails to provide the highest duty of care, it is considered negligence and you may have a claim for compensation.

    If you are able to prove that a bus driver acted negligently in your case, you may be able to recover damages for aspects like medical bills stemming from your injuries, loss of income, emotional suffering, and more. Bus drivers are held liable in accidents every year due to dangerous aspects like speeding, drowsy driving, inadequate training, and more. And, when a child has been involved in one of these serious accidents, the worst penalties could apply, leading to tremendous damages.

    Why You Should Turn to an Attorney

    It is important to have an experienced attorney on your side because these cases can be very complicated. For instance, sometimes a bus driver is contracted through a company or works for a municipality, which means that you will have a different type of claim and have to meet certain filing standards in a set amount of time. You don’t want to wind up injured in a serious case and be left without options.

    Call us if you need help preserving evidence in your case, working toward filing your claim, and dictating which compensation is best for your needs after you have suffered from injuries. We can help you in your time of need. Call us as soon as possible to get started on your case at the Los Angeles Injury Group.





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