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Most Common Hidden Injury That Occurs During Car Accidents in California

Anyone who works out is familiar with the scenario. You leave the gym feeling just fine and by the time you get home, you can barely open your car door. The muscle soreness comes a little later. A related occurrence takes place for a lot of people who have been injured in a car accident. When they finally are able to leave the scene of the accident they aren’t feeling any immediate discomfort or pain, but over the next few hours or sometimes even days, and suddenly they are sore or in pain. If you have been involved in a car accident, it is important that you take notice of how you feel.

It is also extremely important that, after any car crash, you visit the emergency room or schedule an appointment with your regular doctor for as soon as you possibly can. Failing to do so could not only result in an untreated injury that has now been made worse because nothing has been done to repair the damage, and your attempts to collect any financial compensation for your injuries could also be severely harmed if you do not see a doctor right away.

Some injuries that are frequently sustained in automobile accidents are notorious for going unnoticed until they have become substantially worse. Two of the biggest offenders of this sort are:


The single most common injury reported in rear-end collisions is what is medically known as a cervical strain. You and I would call it whiplash. A cervical strain happens when the head and/or neck of the accident victim is abruptly forced forwards and backward. This puts the cervical spine (the part of your spine that is in your neck) through excessive flexion and extension. The usual result of this action is substantial injuries to the soft tissue in that area. In many instances, the symptoms of whiplash may not appear until a few hours or even a few days after the accident has occurred. Many people believe that a whiplash injury is fairly minor and will get better on its own over time. The reality of the situation is, however, that whiplash can be extremely debilitating and painful and requires medical attention in order to achieve a full recovery.

Herniated Disc

When you are involved in a car accident, the force of the resulting collision may be so hard that the tissue that lies between each of your vertebrae can actually bulge out or even rupture. This causes something known as a herniated disc. Once this happens, the affected disc may put undue pressure on the nerves surrounding the injured area. This will cause agonizing pain as well as a good amount of inflammation.  A herniated disc may also result in pain, tingling, or numbness in your arms and/or legs. In certain cases, it could also cause muscle weakness. While it is possible for the signs of a herniated disc to develop immediately after the car accident, some people may find that their symptoms are delayed and remain completely unaware of any injury for several hours or even several days. A herniated disc is an injury that could require surgery, and even lead to lifelong issues and long-term disability.

If you have suffered an injury following a collision, it is in your best interest to seek medical attention immediately, regardless of how you feel. Your next step should be to contact a personal injury attorney so that you can begin building a claim. Here at the Los Angeles Injury Group, we have the knowledge and the experience to seek the maximum amount of compensation that you can receive in accordance with the law. We will help you build your legal claim from the ground up and stand by you from beginning to end. For a free consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys, call us at (310) 954-7248 today.

Note for the readers: This post has been derived from the use of secondary sources and the information provided has not been independently confirmed. The photos depicted in these posts are not representative of the actual accident.  Any inaccuracies will be swiftly corrected once they have been brought to the site’s attention and all requests to remove posts will be honored.

Disclaimer: This post is intended to provide general information to our readers and to honor the victims of everyday tragedies. We do not wish to cause any disrespect and none of the information contained in this post should be construed to constitute legal or medical advice. Laws vary by jurisdiction and cases often turn on minor differences In fact. Do not rely exclusively on any of the information contained in this post and seek further assistance from a legal or medical professional, where necessary.

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