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Minimum Liability Accident Coverage In California

The laws on minimum liability accident coverage can differ per state. If you have been involved in a personal injury accident it is important to understand all of the details regarding accident coverage. It is important to fully understand what type of coverage you have to prevent major legal issues from arising after an accident occurs. Since these personal injuries can occur when you least expect it, contact a personal injury attorney and let them assist you with explaining your minimum liability accident coverage.

Since each state has its own laws regarding minimum liability accident coverage, it can be incredibly confusing to fully understand every detail. An attorney at Los Angeles Injury Group can assist you with everything about the California law. Our attorneys are highly trained in California personal injury law and they can highlight all of the important aspects to help you better understand them. They will make the clauses easier to understand and answer all of your questions regarding the minimum liability accident coverage in California.

California Law On Minimum Liability Coverage 

Personal Injury Lawyer

As a California resident, you have different requirements than someone who lives in a different state. Basic car insurance will protect you against an accident where you caused damage to another individual’s property. Anyone driving a vehicle in the state of California must have at least the minimum liability coverage. The two common types of coverage are:

  • Property Damage Liability Coverage: According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, the minimum amount of property damage liability coverage required is $5,000 for a vehicle accident. This is a requirement in the state of California. If the insured driver is liable for the accident, that amount will be used to pay for any damage that occurred. 
  • Injury Liability Coverage: This type of coverage will pay someone that you injured during a vehicle accident. The minimum requirement for an injury or a fatality is $15,000. If you injure multiple individuals the cost goes up to $30,000. The cost will continue to increase the more individuals you injure in an accident. Liability coverage will also cover legal costs in the event of a lawsuit. 

In California, the driver needs to be found at-fault for their insurance policy to pay for the damages. There needs to be some type of evidence stating who the at-fault driver is. Also, each vehicle must have its own insurance no matter who the driver is. You can share vehicles or swop cars between multiple individuals, but each car must have their own insurance.

Purchasing Minimum Coverage

The minimum requirements are much too low because $5,000 in property damage can be used up quickly. That is not a lot of money set towards damages sustained in vehicle accidents. Often the insurance companies will reward drivers with lower rates for carrying higher limits. They do this because insurance companies understand that $5,000 is not much money at all when dealing with expensive property damage costs. Don’t assume minimum limits are the cheapest always ask to determine the best rates. Different factors will affect these rates such as driving history, type of insurance, and a driver’s age.

Penalties For Not Having Car Insurance 

If you don’t have car insurance but are involved in a car accident, your driver’s license could be suspended according to the California Department of Insurance. You could also face expensive tickets or fines for not following the law. In California, it is a legal requirement to purchase car insurance. There are different rules and regulations on the type of coverage you need, but some type of insurance is required. You also need proof of financial responsibility and all California drivers must carry vehicle evidence such as auto liability insurance to prove financial responsibility.

Fight For Minimum Coverage

Minimum liability coverage may not be considered enough to cover all of the damages caused by your accident. These damages include any property damages or physical injuries you sustained during a vehicle accident. It does not matter if you have purchased minimum coverage, insurance companies will do anything they can to pay the least amount of money. They want to minimize their claims of injured victims and pay less money. They will do whatever they can to ensure they pay the least amount that they possibly can. 

Insurance adjusters work for the insurance company. They are not looking out for your best interest or trying to fight for you and your financial needs. It is necessary to hire an attorney to help counsel your legal decisions. An attorney will negotiate with an insurance adjuster, take them to court, and file a claim against them to help you recover the proper compensation. You should not go through this overwhelming time alone when there are trained professionals who can help you with anything relating to the California personal injury law.

Los Angeles Injury Group Personal Injury Attorney

Minimum liability accident coverage can be incredibly difficult and complicated to understand due to the different rules and restrictions. If you have sustained injuries in a personal injury accident and need clarification on California’s liability coverage laws, contact a Los Angeles attorney. Our attorneys at Los Angeles Injury Group can help you determine the appropriate legal steps to take.

It is crucial to have a trustworthy legal team on your side that will fight for your legal rights and allow you to make decisions as well. The attorneys at Los Angeles Injury Group will explain everything you need to know about California’s law on minimum liability coverage. They will create a more simplistic document for you to understand.

We can assure that our attorneys will work hard to give you the best chance at receiving the highest value of compensation. We will evaluate all of the facts surrounding your accident and create a strong legal case on your behalf. The attorneys at Los Angeles Injury Group work for you. They want to help you during this stressful time and be the legal communicator for you. Our attorneys will help assist you in everything you need to know about the California law.  Call us today at (310)-954-7248 to set up a consultation. 

Note for the readers: This post has been derived from the use of secondary sources and the information provided has not been independently confirmed. The photos depicted in these posts are not representative of the actual accident.  Any inaccuracies will be swiftly corrected once they have been brought to the site’s attention and all requests to remove posts will be honored.

Disclaimer: This post is intended to provide general information to our readers and to honor the victims of everyday tragedies. We do not wish to cause any disrespect and none of the information contained in this post should be construed to constitute legal or medical advice. Laws vary by jurisdiction and cases often turn on minor differences In fact. Do not rely exclusively on any of the information contained in this post and seek further assistance from a legal or medical professional, where necessary.

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