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    LA’s Chinatown is a very popular tourist attraction and iconic Los Angeles neighborhood. It features numerous theaters, specialty grocery stores, traditional temples, shops and restaurants. Chinatown is located in downtown Los Angeles, California close to Dodger Stadium. The area hosts several annual events, including the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and the Golden Dragon Chinese New Year Parade.

    Chinatown is a five block area that is bound by Cesar Chavez Avenue in the south, Bernard Street in the north, Yale Street in the west and North Main Street in the east. This vibrant Chinese American community is home to around 25,000 residents. It was initially settled in about 1938 and has developed into a very popular tourist attraction and prominent Los Angeles neighborhood.

    Central Plaza

    Central Plaza on North Broadway close to Bernard is the centerpiece of LA’s Chinatown. The area features an iconic neon sign, that has been featured in numerous Hollywood movies, including the classic 1974 Chinatown by Roman Polanski, Lethal Weapon 4 and the Rush Hour Trilogy.

    Points of interest include a wishing well that dates back to the 1930’s and Hop Sing Tong, which is one of Chinatown’s oldest fraternal organizations. More recent additions include a statue of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, father of the Republic of China, concrete impressions of the hands of Chow Yun-Fat, a movie star, and a gorgeous dragon mural painted by Tyrus Wong, who is a prominent Chinese artist.

    Self-Guided Walking Tour

    To get an intimate street level experience of Chinatown, go on a self-guided walking tour to take in both the new and old sights and sounds. The tour will guide you through numerous courtyards, temples and alleyways, in addition to 25 blocks worth of micro-malls and intriguing shops selling knock-off designer brands and Chinese-theme souvenirs. There are also numerous Chinese delis, jewelry stores and curio shops.

    Chinatown Food

    If all of your exploring and walking makes you hungry, there are numerous restaurants serving all kinds of food, ranging from dim sum to Cantonese street food. One highlight is Foo Chow Restaurant located on N. Hill Street.

    Although is features a standard menu of fried chicken and pork dishes as well as noodle dishes, the reason to visit is to see the stairway used by Jackie Chan to kick down the bad guys in the blockbuster movie Rush Hour 2. There are many other restaurants in Chinatown serving more traditional cuisine as well.

    Other Chinatown Attractions

    Other must-see attractions when visiting Chinatown in Los Angeles, California includes the Bamboo Plaza which houses the Phoenix Bakery, Chinese School, Chinese Confucius Temple and Empress Pavilion Restaurant.

    The gigantic Superior Chicken is another must-see attraction. This landmark has been in the heart of Chinatown for over 50 years.

    Getting To Chinatown in Los Angeles

    If you are driving, there are several areas with parking available for reasonable prices. There is also public transportation available. Visitors can take the Metro link over to Union Station and then transfer over to the Metro Gold Line to reach Chinatown.

    The next time you are in the downtown Los Angeles area, make sure you visit Chinatown. Barter with vendors, try new dishes out at a restaurant and have lots of fun. You can fly into the LAX airport near downtown LA.

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