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    For visitors who come to Los Angeles there are so many things to do that it sometimes can be overwhelming. For example, you have the beaches, Hollywood, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm, MacArthur Park and so much more. To see all of the attractions in and around Hollywood would take months if not years. There is one attraction however that everyone should include when visiting Los Angeles. What is that attraction? It is the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles County.

    This fantastic Museum has numerous special exhibits, permanent exhibits, and upcoming exhibits. Some of the permanent exhibits include African Mammals, Age of Mammals, Ancient Latin American Art, Birds, Dinosaur Hall, Nature Gardens, Insect Zoo, Shells, Nature Lab, Gems and Minerals, and the Haaga Family Rotunda. Special exhibits include Edible Garden, Dino Lab, Butterfly Pavilion, and Spider Pavilion. One upcoming exhibit that you will not want to miss is called Tattoo.

    Let’s begin our adventure by visiting the newly constructed Dinosaur Hall. This is perhaps one of the most extraordinary exhibits of dinosaur artifact in the entire world. It definitely is the number one dinosaur experience throughout the Western United States. The exhibit has an incredible 20 complete ancient sea creatures and dinosaurs along with over 300 real fossils.

    One of the special things about Dinosaur Hall is how close you can get to the actual fossils. You can walk underneath 68-foot Mamenchisaurus or look a Triceratops directly in the eye. All of the sea creature mounts and complete dinosaurs mounts have never been anywhere on display before. The museums in-house Dinosaur Institute has discovered these fossils over the last several years. The Dinosaur Hall is not simply fossils displays but it has various multi-media stations that will allow you to excavate specimens or watch an exciting real dinosaur hunting expedition.

    Have you ever been on a safari? The African Mammal Hall originally opened in 1930. It represents many of the animals from Africa that are quickly disappearing. The exhibits are incredibly well done. This awesome Museum accomplishes this by sending a collector, an entire crew, a museum curator, an artist or two, and a few taxidermists to Africa. In Africa, this group of professionals gather native plant and rock material for creating a real-life exhibit back in Los Angeles.

    Do you like spiders? At the Spider Pavilion you can visit a spider school. The reason why there is a spider school is because much of the information that people have heard about spiders is often completely fabricated or incorrect. Most information about spiders is more myth than reality. A visit to the Spider Pavilion will not only educate you but it will allow you to understand these reclusive and fragile creatures.

    The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County has an excellent website with a calendar that allows you to see all of the upcoming events. This will help you to plan your vacation to Los Angeles so that you can see whichever exhibits you prefer. The museum offers general admission tickets and special event tickets.

    Of course, if you are a regular visitor to the beautiful city of Los Angeles then you may want to purchase a museum membership. This will allow you to see a portion of the museum each time you come to Los Angeles. This museum is huge and it will require quite a few visits before you see it all.

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